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Adventures of Riverlea Farm Book Three


Ruby-Rose of Riverlea Farm

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Welcome to the Adventures of Riverlea Farm in South Africa!

In this third book of the series, Jon-the-Vet has a farm, pet and wife, but his wife wants a pet of her own. For her first pet, she chooses a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. So off to Johannesburg they set for a new pet to get. The adventures begin as the new puppy and Diesel-Cat have to learn to live together. Book three finishes with a question and answer activity and a "Did You Know" information about Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Through rhyme and humor, and occasional life lessons, children will enjoy the adventures to be found on a farm in South Africa. The series has been written by Penelope Alison, a speech language pathologist, for the language enrichment of children ages two to seven. The series can also serve as a reader for children in grades two to three looking to expand their reading skills.

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