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Adventures of Riverlea Farm Book Five


Wishes and Kisses for Babies Come True

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Welcome to the Adventures of Riverlea Farm in South Africa!

In this fifth book of the series, Jon-the-Vet has a farm, pets and wife, but something is still missing from life. It is time for Jon-the-Vet and his wife, Sweet-Pen to grow their own family. Out in the pasture, the mare also wants another foal. See how many babies end up joining the Adventures of Riverlea Farm in this book. Book five finishes with a question and answer activity and a "Did You Know" page about speech therapists and a training program for 'differently-abled" people called Khulisani, which means "growing together" in isiZulu.

Through rhyme and humor, and occasional life lessons, children will enjoy the adventures to be found on a farm in South Africa. The series has been written by Penelope Alison, a speech language pathologist, for the language enrichment of children ages two to seven. The series can also serve as a reader for children in grades two to three looking to expand their reading skills.

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