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Adventures of Riverlea Farm Book Eight


A Sweet Pony Kiss for Our Dear Little Miss

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Welcome to the Adventures of Riverlea Farm in South Africa!

In this eighth book of the series, Jon-the-Vet has a surprise for his little girl. One day the Coastal Horse Care Unit arrives and delivers a sweet old pony named Calypso who is ready to retire. From pajama rides on Sundays to dressing up as Prince Phillip, this book breaks gender stereotypes for little girls and teaches the lesson of what to do when you fall down. Book Eight finishes with a question and answer activity, along with a "Did You Know" page dedicated to the Coastal Horse Care Unit of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Through rhyme and humor, and occasional life lessons, children will enjoy the adventures to be found on a farm in South Africa. The series has been written by Penelope Alison, a speech language pathologist, for the language enrichment of children ages two to seven. The series can also serve as a reader for children in grades two to three looking to expand their reading skills.

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