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 Mind the Gap…

My writing journey began in 2018 when I was fortunate enough to do a Transformation/Life Coaching course with Burk and Isobel Esterhuyse in Pretoria. As the course began to unfold, I discovered my subconscious focus was on writing books. I chose to listen to this inner voice. It helped that this course also enabled me to bid fear, anxiety and limiting beliefs goodbye. “Goodbye!” I subsequently returned to Howick with a vision to write with zero limiting beliefs standing in my way. Imagine a world without limits?!

Flash forward to five “indie” books published and the 2020 Proudly South African Sandton Summit and Expo looming. It is therefore, no surprise to find that self-doubt and fear occasionally return to keep it real! In such times, I find I am presented with a choice: Feed the fear and anxiety, or channel these emotions into higher vibration for the improvement of my service and products. SO…

Why have I written these books?

What do I hope to achieve for my own gain?

What do others have to gain from reading these books?

With these questions in mind, my new “driver filter focus” miraculously delivers the answers I seek.  I chanced upon published findings relating to the benefits of reading books to children this week. This translates into my “why.”


It has been estimated that there is a “million word gap” between children by five years of age who have never been read to and those who have been exposed to five books a day (Logan et al., 2019). Therefore, it is my immediate aim to help bridge this gap with the goal of one book a day!

So to answer my questions and quell my doubts, I write for the love of writing. I hope to bring joy to children through the “low-tech” use of books and nature. More importantly, my ultimate goal would be to raise our children’s academic achievement through the early exposure to literacy, vocabulary expansion, auditory memory and phonemic awareness.

What was your favourite book as a child?

What if we aimed for one book a day to close this gap for ALL children?

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