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My flame burns brightest when I am writing the Adventures of Riverlea Farm AS said adventures are unfolding all around.  Afternoons are my absolute best.  The children run wild, free, barefoot and loud; invariably chased by geese. The tortoises wend their way into corners of warmth and security in anticipation of a temperature drop.  The kittens hunt in close proximity, catching the occasional cricket. Ruby-Rose and Delta laze about with one eye on the action ever ready to bounce in with a woof and lick.   All this as the final rays of sun kiss the pastures with cows and horses goodnight.  Laptop and camera in hand, said adventures are documented in rhyme and photo-painted in app. Who wouldn’t have a flame burning bright, right?

Yet, such moments are often interrupted with thoughts of “what is for dinner?” “have I packed the school bags?” or more recently “what else can I possibly google in my search for e-book, e-commerce, e-knowledge?”  As a life coach, I know better than to exit my mindful bliss of present being to worry about things which will surely be done in good time.  However, lately I have found my inner flame to be doused by the stress of business admin, website maintenance, marketing strategies, insert “endless list of self-publishing responsibilities” here. 

In order to keep my inner flame burning bright, I focus on setting fear, worry, doubt and all the shoulda’ coulda’ woulda’s free.  Kiss goodbye. MWAH.   

Today’s peace of mind comes from sending off my official “National Library of South Africa” copies to all five locations.  I joined not one, but two, Kindle Direct Publishing FB groups for added growth and knowledge by proxy. My paypal e-commerce meeting is booked for tomorrow.  My “make a FB advertisement video debut” support meeting is also booked (sometimes the smallest of activities can create the biggest of anxieties) for this week.  It is a start.  It is enough. 


Pass the gumboots, laptop and smartphone camera, I have a flame to get burning… 

What limiting thoughts can you set free right now? 

What activities set your flame alight? 

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